~How We Do What We Do~

At The VC we put 110% into delivering you the highest quality of products and customer care. We want you to join the family when you spend time with us! We source and manufacture the most unique pieces of the season. From yoga wear that comes straight from recycled water bottles to sewing our own bathing suits right here in Miami, Florida.

Our Gold Jewelry Process 

We are proud partner's of an authentically sourced Manufacture located in São Paulo, Brazil. The manufacture is supporting over 60 families whom all are working in a safe friendly environment, making more then the local minimum wage salary, which is a rarity in Brazil. 

Unlike gold jewelry that comes from China where in most cases there is little to no gold at all and have nickel which causes discoloration of the skin, our Gold sets are bonded onto a jewelers brass base metal with heat and pressure that contains 100+ times more gold than gold plated. The top 8 layers include 40% of 18k genuine gold. The color will not tarnish for a long time even with contact of liquids, perfumes and lotions. However, we always recommend for anything that is not solid gold to keep away from liquids, perfumes and lotions.

Our Bikini Process 

Our local Designer Rosemary Serrano is from Costa Rica and also the absolute SWEETEST human on the planet. All her design are based off the local south Florida hottest trends of the season. She has been designing for over 20 years and has definitely learned how to make a killer bikini along the way! 


Our Team

CEO Hannah Gardner 

Entrepreneur - Digital Marketer - Youtuber 

Hey everyone, 

My name is Hannah! I started the VC in July of 2019 in hopes of building a lady boss empire. Bringing travel, adventure and hard work to a brand that help inspire and uplift those who join our family. 

Director of Operations 

Emily Nikolenko

Model - Creative Directer - Photographer - Boss Babe

 Hello! My name is Emily Nikolenko, I was born and raised in Colorado and moved to Fort Lauderdale over a year ago for a fresh start and that's when I met Hannah. I am a college student working to get a Fine Arts Degree, for the ultimate goal of being an Art Director is a dream of mine. I began working with Hannah actually as a model for her jewelry and other products, and slowly she began mentoring me and showing me the ways of the marketing and business world of E-Commerce. Since then, my knowledge about E-Commerce has very much expanded thanks you Hannah. I'll be looking forward to what we can accomplish working together!