Join Our Fam

We are looking for exclusive affiliates who believe in our social movement and want to become a social representative of our FEEL GOOD BRAND. 


  • You do not need a bunch of followers
  • Receive a $5 credit for every purchase made using your code/link.
  • Growth Opportunity 
  • Your own customizable discount codes to share with your followers, friends or FAM! 

We want our tribe to not only reflect the values of our brand but to also shamelessly reflect the uniqueness of themselves.

It is our goal to create not only a brand but encourage a lifestyle modeled around these values. Positivity and feeling happy in your own skin can be a life long struggle but it is always easier when you have like minded people supporting you.  

The link below will send you directly to the sign-up page where you will create your own profile and from there you will have an individual link where you can repost and share.

That link will automatically link your discount code to your followers/friends/family on the website and keep track of how many customers are buying using your code/link.

For every order that is placed using your code/link you will accumulate credit to use to purchase whatever you like from the website! The software will help keep track of all that information as-well give you access to that information.