Who Are We

Meet our CEO Hannah Gardner 

  Hello my name is Hannah. I am the Founder of The Views Co. After college I decided to jump into the world of online business. Having recently graduated and ZERO experience I spent a full year and a half seeing little to no success. During this time I began to experience things like anxiety, panic attacks, self deprecation and other vehicles for self bullying. I eventually learned that as an aspiring entrepreneur a normal daily routine included consistently failing, a large intake of daily new information, being outside the comfort zone, and outside ridicule. The problem is when you mix trying to build a business with anxiety and depression it makes that process of achieving whatever your goals are nearly impossible.  Anxiety, fear, self doubt or lack of confidence have become normalities in today’s world and that is NOT okay.  While we are a feel good fashion brand, our mission goes beyond our products. The Views & Co was built with the mission to inspire genuine self love and confidence. We know with social media being at the forefront of our life this is MUCH easier said than done. That is why we are making it our JOB to promote 

Proper uses of social media
Encourage showcasing your authentic self
Build a tribe of people supporting people 
Practical tactics to self love and gain confidence 

    Learning how to feel comfortable in my own skin, becoming okay with failing or even living outside my comfort zone have become lifelong practices of mine. Just like going to the gym, working on yourself is a never ending journey and even harder than building a business. Making this the core focus of our mission has pushed my team and I every day to be better, do better and become better humans.  We welcome you to The Views & Co 


    Hello everyone, my name is Sydney and I work here at The Views and Co! I graduated high school in 2018 and then went on to go to college at UCF. Not more than 2 years later did I discover that I hated college. I was failing my classes and would do anything to avoid college, and working a full time job helped me do just that. In 2020 Matthew and I were given the opportunity to run a restaurant full time, working towards owning it one day. Given that chance I decided to no longer go to college and packed up all my things and moved to South Florida to start this new journey. I would have to say that was a truly life changing experience, but due to unfortunate choices made by the owner of the restaurant, the opportunity of pursuing ownership was no longer an option. Back to square one.

    In February of 2021 it was as if the universe heard my struggles. Hannah the owner of The views and Co (also my sister) was in great need of expanding her team to help guid the success of her business. And that's how we ended up here! I could not be more grateful to work with the team we have everyday, it's a work environment that I wish everyone had the opportunity to experience. All of us are unique in our own way, we struggle sometimes but we always have our vision in mind. We are here to create a quality brand of people who support people no matter who you are or where you come from. 

     - Sydney Gardner



    Hey everybody, I'm Matthew.  Welcome to the ViewsAndCo family!  Nothing about my life has ever been easy.  I come from a strict household where your best isn’t good enough.  After struggling through the anti-stimulating public school system, I just wanted to find something that I enjoyed doing every day.  I wanted to look forward to the weekdays just as much as the weekends.  

    After graduating highschool I went to UCF looking for that.  I barely managed to drone through my general education studies though.  Something was still missing.  I hated the redundant lessons and the feeling I had never left high-school.   An opportunity to work under a great Chef arose, and my girlfriend Sydney and I dropped out of college to pursue the dream of business ownership.  In doing so, we strayed from the path that so many others our age were taking.  

    Although we learned so many lessons about life and business, our apprenticeship under the Chef went terribly.   Yet again I found myself discontent and unhappy.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think that a 9-5 job is where I would find my happiness.  That is exactly where I found it though.  The VC was growing, and fast.  Hannah found herself overwhelmed with the mountain of work that she faced.  With just two employees, she needed more help.   Luckily, my girlfriend Sydney is Hannah’s sister.   After finding out we quit our jobs, Hannah enthusiastically suggested we come work with her.   A little unsure if I could find joy in a jewelry business, I apprehensively agreed.  

    Four months later, I wake up and jump out of bed, excited about the new things I’ll learn that day.  Whether it’s how to take better pictures, how to photoshop, how to market online, or a million other things, I live life in a constant state of growth and learning.  Everyday is different and the challenges are always new.  I cannot thank Hannah enough (and I don’t) for the amazing opportunity she has laid on the table for Sydney and I.  We live our life with the freedom to dream now.  So to everybody out there living beneath their potential, break the mold.  Get out there and find your calling!

     - Matthew Gough


    Hi everyone! My name is Paulina and I am a second-year student at Florida state University studying marketing and communications. This summer, I was looking to get some experience with my major, specifically social media marketing, and had the amazing opportunity to start working with the ViewsandCo. Even though I haven’t been here as long as everyone else, I already feel so welcome and know I am surrounded by hard-working, motivational people who all share a passion for the company. One of my favorite things about the company is that we have the ability to sympathize and relate to our customers by emphasizing the importance of self love, body image and diversity. The Views And Co goes above and beyond just a jewelry company, we want everyone to feel comfortable in their own skin and CONFIDENT! I am so grateful for this experience, as I was a huge fan of the company even before starting to work here. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this company because I know it will do great things. We hope you enjoy your jewelry!

    -Paulina Reitman