Who are we?

  Hello my name is Nathalia. I am the new designer and CEO here at The Views Co. As a designer and a female entrepreneur it is my passion to continue this brand mission! The Views & Co was built with the mission to inspire genuine self love and confidence. We know with social media being at the forefront of our life this is MUCH easier said than done. That is why we are making it our JOB to promote 
Proper uses of social media
Encourage showcasing your authentic self
Build a tribe of people supporting people 
Practical tactics to self love and gain confidence 

    Learning how to feel comfortable in my own skin, becoming okay with failing or even living outside my comfort zone have become lifelong practices of mine. Just like going to the gym, working on yourself is a never ending journey and even harder than building a business. Making this the core focus of our mission has pushed my team and I every day to be better, do better and become better humans.  We welcome you to The Views & Co 

    We design all our gold pieces here in the USA and work closely with amazing manufacture partners in South America. Our partners work diligently to support their employees paying rates higher than the minimum wages for their local area. 

    We use genuine 18k Gold NOT gold coloring with nickel or any other harmful metals. We do this to ensure the closest look to real solid gold. We hope you enjoy your visit here with us at Views & Co XOXO