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Hey Love,


My name is Hannah I am the Founder of The Views & Co.

Have you ever doubted yourself? 

Well, I have.

My original inspiration to start an online boutique that featured artisan and international designers occurred about a year ago on a trip to Bali.

I dove in gun hoe and began launching a store called "The Feels Of Bali"

Yea... I ended up shutting it down really quickly.


Oh simple... because I was super insecure, afraid to fail because of my lack of knowledge, scared of what people would think and ultimately did not believe in my self.

It's crazy because all those fears and emotions were the last thing that I wanted to embody and yet they kept me from doing what I really wanted. 

UGH.. when you hit that cross road in your life and are forced to make a decision and then choose the "wrong" one out of fear.

Afraid of failing, embarrassment, missing out, etc.

Hate when that happens...

(SIDE NOTE: the word "wrong" is being used loosely here because there is technically no wrong paths)

Over the course of this entire last year I have done everything in my power to try to be successful by doing the exact opposite of what I know I am passionate about. 

No regrets because with out walking down everyone else's roads and discovering that the grass is in fact NOT greener on the other side I would not have inevitably had this realization....

I will never be successful if I am not doing what I am passionate about regardless of how much money I make or how nice my car is. 

For me success is waking up and actually liking who I am because I have a clearly defined mission that aligns with who I am. 

You may be wondering "Why are you saying all this as an introduction to your retail store....lol?"

Well, as I briefly mentioned in the video while The VC aims to sell products from artisan designers and creators. YET, the bigger vision is to build a tribe a family of strong individuals who want to not only feel their best, look their best but also BE THEIR BEST.

and sometimes it is just a little easier to do so when you have awesome powerful people around you. 

Thank you for taking the time to hear the story of The VC.

Please do not hesitate to reach out. 

Connect with me more via 

Instagram: @Hannahthehomeless

Youtube: HannahGardnerChannel